Keeping it Cool and Cozy with Bruton Comfort Control

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Just like I would often mull over the ‘deal’ with airline food, let us take a moment to consider the “amusing absurdities” of Heating and A/C services in our homes. Oh, and where are we having this consideration? Let’s set our scene in charming Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Hillsboro, and Aloha, Oregon, renowned for their climate changes almost as drastic as shifting TV sitcoms!

Now, the last time your heating gave out in the middle of a bone-chilling winter, you must have pondered, “Why don’t they make houses heated naturally like it is in sitcom world? You never see Kramer shivering, do you?” Or in the sweltering summer heat, as you lay melting, dreaming of refrigerators, you might have absently wondered why we can’t just live in winter and summer simultaneously to even out the temperature.

Reality, though, unlike a Seinfeld episode, doesn’t run on comedic timing or whimsical absurdities. In the world outside of Monk’s Cafe, we depend on trustworthy services from pros who have the knowledge and competence to control our indoor climates, something even George Costanza would have a hard time bungling. Such responsibility lies solidly on the competent shoulders of our buddies over at Bruton Comfort Control.

And not to be like Newman here, but have you ever REALLY thought about the masterful craft that an A/C service technician carries out? The way they can wrestle with various units, be they central air, window units or some weird system installed by an ambitious homeowner who may have overestimated his handyman skills – it’s characteristically Kramer-esque in its slapstick glory.

Even more impressive, consider the heating techs. These folks are pretty much entering the Arctic, often in the dead of winter, and they don’t have the luxury of ‘shrinkage’ (you know, in terms of responsibilities). They maneuver into tight, cold spaces to ensure the rest of us can lounge about our homes snug as Elaine in her Orioles cap.

Living in Beaverton and the neighboring cities, you understand the vaudeville-like fluctuations of the Oregon climate. It requires you to have a dependable ally on your side to ensure your comfort – both when it’s colder than the Soup Nazi’s heart and hotter than Jerry’s many, many love interests from over the years.

Because just as you wouldn’t want to be caught in a Bizarro World where your comfort is compromised, for over three decades, our team at Bruton has been the genuine Costanza of indoor comfort control – reliable (yes, really!), able to adapt to unpredictable situations, and always aiming to exceed your expectations.

In the end, it’s simple. Heating and A/C services, they’re kind of like a good joke. You need a solid setup to get to the punchline. And with Bruton Comfort Control in your corner, you can be certain of a setup that will leave you laughing – not in dismay, but in absolute satisfaction.

As I always say, ‘What’s the deal with discomfort?’ With Bruton, you won’t have to know!

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